Dole sells minority interest in Compagnie Fruitiere Group

June 2, 2014

Dole Food Co. Inc. and Compagnie Fruitière Group have announced that Dole has sold its minority interest in Compagnie Financiere de Participations, the holding company of Compagnie Fruitière Group, back to its majority shareholder. Compagnie Fruitière is the largest grower of fruit (bananas, pineapple, and tomatoes) in the ACP zone (African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries) and one of the leading fruit operators in Europe. Dole and Compagnie Fruitière have jointly decided that they will better pursue their growth objectives separately in the future.

This transaction puts an end to a 21-year cooperation, but both companies may continue to cooperate commercially as supplier or customer to each other if, when, and where it would be to their mutual benefit.

Press release