Evolva achieves key milestone in stevia project with Cargill

May 23, 2014

Cargill and Evolva Holding SA have announced the achievement of a technical milestone in their joint development program of fermentation-based minor steviol glycosides—the compounds responsible for the sweet taste in the stevia leaf. The milestone is an enabling step in bringing additional stevia-based sweeteners to market in a cost effective and sustainable way for food and beverage manufacturers.

As a result of the achievement, Cargill will make a $1 million milestone payment to Evolva. Evolva is eligible for total milestone payments of up to $7.5 million during the R&D period.

In 2013, Cargill and Evolva entered into an agreement to jointly develop and commercialize fermentation-based minor steviol glycosides. Later in 2013 the companies announced that their program was moving into pilot-scale ahead of schedule.

“We are encouraged by this project’s trajectory,” said David Henstrom, Global Business Director for Health Ingredients, Cargill. “We look forward to offering cost-effective, great tasting, minor steviol glycosides in the market in the near future.”

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