Aged garlic extract may prevent heart disease

February 8, 2016

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition shows that aged garlic extract may prevent the progression of heart disease by reversing the buildup of plaque in arteries. Previous studies have shown that the supplement can inhibit progression of coronary artery calcification, but it’s unclear whether there is an effect on non-calcified plaque.

For one year, 55 patients aged 40 to 75 years old with metabolic syndrome (obesity, hypertension, and other cardiac risk factors) received either 2,400 mg of aged garlic extract each day or a placebo. The patients were screened at the start of the study to measure total coronary plaque volume, including total plaque volume, dense calcium, non-calcified plaque, and low-attenuation plaque.

At the end of the trial, follow-up screenings found that the aged garlic extract group had slowed total plaque accumulation by 80%, reduced soft plaque, and demonstrated regression for low-attenuation plaque. The researchers concluded that “further studies are needed to evaluate whether AGE [aged garlic extract] has the ability to stabilize vulnerable plaque and decrease adverse cardiovascular events.”