LiDestri announces leadership transition

February 25, 2016

LiDestri Food and Beverage has announced that Giovanni LiDestri, president and CEO, will be transferring his responsibilities for day-to-day company operations to sibling team Stefani and John C. LiDestri, effective July 23, 2016. They will serve as co-presidents under Giovanni LiDestri’s active direction. Giovanni LiDestri will continue serving as CEO for the foreseeable future.

“As we approach the 42nd year of our company and I celebrate my 70th birthday in July, I am very grateful the company I have been privileged to help build will remain not only in the hands of family but in the hands of two very experienced professionals who share the passion, values, and vision that has guided our company since its inception,” said Giovanni LiDestri.

Following the transition, Stefani LiDestri will assume responsibility for marketing, human resources, information technology, and research and development. John LiDestri will oversee supply chain and sales, while Giovanni LiDestri will continue to lead operations and finance.

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