Canadian flour recall expands

April 19, 2017

According to The Canadian Press, a national recall of flour due to E. coli contamination, which was first announced last month and is the subject of a class-action lawsuit, is being expanded to cover additional products. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s (CFIA) recall on March 28 affected Robin Hood flour sold in four provinces in Western Canada and was later expanded across the country.

The recall now covers products produced by Ardent Mills of Brampton, Ontario. They include one-kg bags of Brodie self-raising cake and pastry flour; Creative Baker all-purpose flour in 20-kg bags; Creative Baker whole wheat flour in 10-kg packages; and Golden Temple Sooji creamy wheat in 2-kg packages.

The agency said after the initial recall there had been 26 cases of people being infected with E. coli in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and Newfoundland and Labrador. No deaths have been reported, but at least six people have been hospitalized. CFIA reported that there are no known illnesses associated with the products added to the expanded recall.

The Canadian Press article