Charkit, Sanat Products form strategic alliance in herbal extracts

September 13, 2017

Charkit Chemical and Sanat Products Ltd. India have announced that the two companies have agreed to strengthen their joint business within the herbal extracts segment, expanding a relationship that began two years ago.

Sanat’s recent acquisition of Hindustan Herbals enhances the company’s natural product portfolio. The India-based company brings its proprietary technology and diverse ingredient portfolio to the partnership, and benefits from Charkit’s strong U.S. presence.

“Charkit’s robust market presence and knowledgeable sales force provide the essential marketing expertise to succeed in the highly competitive marketplace, that is further challenged by intensified regulatory oversight of the nutritional and dietary supplement industry,” said Jay Lang, executive vice president of Charkit Chemical. “A higher level of oversight is impacting herbal extracts and botanical powders through more intense scrutiny, largely due to the inconsistencies in testing for identity. Sanat brings added value through its focus on the standardized test methods and the numerous clinical studies that they routinely conduct.”

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