Chocolate eggs, bunnies top list of Americans’ favorite Easter candy

April 19, 2019

According to a National Confectioners Association (NCA) survey, more than 90% of Americans will include chocolate or candy in Easter baskets this year. This year, parents care more than ever about portion size when it comes to treats. In fact, 85% of parents said that individual packs and fun-size packages will influence the Easter treats they purchase.

Chocolate eggs and bunnies continue to be America’s favorite Easter candy. When it comes to Easter treats, 55% of Americans say chocolate eggs and bunnies are their favorite, while jelly beans and candy-coated eggs are not far behind. A survey conducted by RetailMeNot revealed that 32% of American consumers prefer Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Eggs. Cadbury Eggs came in second with 17%, followed by jelly beans at 16% and chocolate bunnies at 10%.

Regardless of which Easter candy Americans choose to include in their Easter baskets, 85% of shoppers plan to spend up to $50 this year.

NCA press release

RetailMeNot press release