Face-to-Face: Meet Tisa Drew December 2016

Ever wonder if anyone else is facing the same professional challenges as you? Or just looking to connect with some new people in your field? In IFT's Face-to-Face series, we will be introducing you to a different IFT member every month with a fun, insightful Q&A session.


Tisa DrewThis month meet...

Tisa Drew, CFS, senior customer innovation applications specialist, AAK (Aarhuskarlshamn)

  1. How did you get your start in the food industry?
    My first position in the food industry was as a technician in Quality Assurance at a pasta company. I followed my manager to a major baking company and have been in the industry ever since (mainly in R&D). I wanted to utilize my degree in chemistry in a science-based industry where the work is fascinating. I look forward to going to work each and every day.

  2. What do you love about your job?
    I have worked for CPG companies in the baking industry for most of my career. Working for these companies has provided me with an invaluable skill set. But, I have a whole new perspective as an employee of a supplier of fats and oils. I now have exposure to and am learning many applications, which expands my food knowledge. I desire any opportunity that allows me to make a difference in the products that are manufactured for the retail shelf.

  3. What is the biggest challenge that you face in your job?
    We have customers that manufacture a wide range of products. It is imperative that I obtain as much information as possible regarding our customer's application in order to make the optimum AAK product recommendation.

  4. What have you learned or been exposed to in the past 12 months that has helped you in your job?
    I have had the opportunity to tour several of our customers' manufacturing facilities. Understanding their processes gives me the opportunity to serve them even better. AAK is a solutions driven company. Although we are providing a fat/oil solution, we will also make recommendations to assist our customers in manufacturing their products more efficiently.

  5. How do you see the food industry evolving over the coming year?
    I have witnessed many changes in the industry over the years. In the past, consumers have sacrificed nutrition for convenience. But that has changed. Customers are looking for convenient nutritious foods. I believe we are going to see even more innovations in packaging, new flavor offerings, and better-for-you (cleaner label) products.

  6. Fun Fact: What’s your favorite food?
    I love pasta. So, I am fan of many pasta dishes. Since there are so many variations in types of pasta, sauces, meats, cheeses, and seasonings, it never gets boring!

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