Food Technology, August 2009

Food Technology Magazine
August 2009


  • Anaheim Showcases the Magic of IFT
    The 2009 Annual Meeting & Food Expo delivered substantive science, a multi-faceted exposition, and countless opportunities to celebrate and support the best of food thinking.
  • The New Value Equation
    The nation’s economic woes have left consumers changed—probably for good. Here’s a look at where Food Technology’s Trend Panelists see grocery shoppers and foodservice patrons headed.
  • Exponential Innovation
    Four exhibiting companies showcase advances in container sterilization, dehydration technology, high-pressure sterilization, and ‘clean-label’ starches.
  • Traceability in Food Systems
    IFT’s Global Food Safety and Quality Conference focused on the challenges to and opportunities for implementing traceability technologies and programs in the supply chain.
  • Ingredients Shine 'Hollyfood' Style
    The IFT Food Expo provided its ’Walk of Fame’ for such stars as ethnic-inspired flavors, whole-grain blends, sweeteners, starches and gums, and an assortment of other ingredients.
  • Ingredients Leave Us Star Struck
    The IFT Food Expo rolled out the red carpet for a bevy of ingredient innovations ready to conquer formulation challenges and make their mark in food product development history.
  • Healthful Achievements in Anaheim
    To address the needs of health-conscious consumers, suppliers introduced a bevy of beneficial ingredients at the IFT Food Expo.
  • Overseeing Food Safety & Quality
    New testing devices, methods, and services monitor raw materials, in-process goods, and finished products.
  • Processing Innovations
    From fillers to winnowers, exhibitors at the IFT Food Expo showed off a varied assortment of new technologies and equipment.
  • IFT Acknowledges Achievement (Online Exclusive)
    At the Annual Meeting & Food Expo®, IFT paid tribute to the 2009 Achievement Award winners and Fellows for their contributions to food science and technology.


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Sheri Schellhaass
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