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From Food Technology Magazine

Harmonizing Sweetness and Taste  
December 2009
Understanding taste modifiers and flavor enhancers facilitates the formulation of better-tasting foods and beverages with high-intensity sweeteners.

Ingredients: The Quest for Innovation  
July 2009
Donald E. Pszczola discusses the latest in ingredient innovations including non-caloric sweeteners and solutions for modifying the taste of stevia.

Ingredients: Different Ways to Get Saucy  
June 2009
Donald E. Pszczola highlights different ways that formulators can use sauces, and how the addition of new sweetener alternatives may lead to the development of sweet sauces.

The race is on: Formulating with stevia  
February 2009
Since the stevia-derived sweetener—rebaudioside A—was declared GRAS by the FDA, many beverage manufacturers have introduced drinks containing the sweetener. But where can we expect to see the sweetener appearing next? This online feature explores the challenges in formulating with reb A and what food products consumers can expect to see it in over the next 12 months.

Ingredients: Sweeteners for the 21st Century  
November 2008
With the first decade of the new century not yet gone, we can already see a variety of emerging sweetener developments that have the potential to shape the marketplace. As suggested by the title of this month’s article, these developments—and the functionality and health benefits they offer in food and beverage formulating—may even be reflective of a new stage in the evolution of sweeteners.

Ingredients: What’s Yonder for Yogurt  
March 2008
Donald E. Pszczola explains the latest advances in yogurt, including the use of sweetener blends to replace sugar.

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