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Today’s global food supply chain has become increasingly complex as companies seek greater efficiencies to feed the world’s growing population. Product tracing has emerged as a critical way to determine the attributes and origin of products―from farm to processing to retail and food service, or to the family table.

On July 12, the IFT Board of Directors approved the launch of a new global traceability center designed to protect and improve our global food supply. The Global Food Traceability Center will serve as an authoritative, scientific, and unbiased source for traceability. By creating a forum with international scope, we will lend our significant expertise and capabilities to strengthen agriculture and food sectors around the world.

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The Center’s Vision

To become the global resource and authoritative voice on food traceability.

Supported by its Founding Sponsors, the Center will serve all aspects of the food system by generating knowledge that addresses research gaps, and delivering applied research, objective advice, and practical expertise about food product traceability and data collaboration for private benefit and public good.

The Center will have the direction and guidance of an Advisory Council comprised of recognized traceability experts and leaders from industry, academia, and regulatory, as well as consumer groups.

The Center’s Mission

Through its work, the Center will provide the means to accelerate the adoption and implementation of practical traceability solutions across the global food system.  It will also deliver support services that help to increase understanding of food traceability across the following business platorms:

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Concept Paper (PDF)
Describes the Center's purpose and objectives, and how it intends to conduct its work on traceability.

Prospectus for Innovation (PDF)
Describes how organizations can get involved in the Center.

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