Best Practices in Food Traceabiity - Guide for Regulators GFTC PROJECT CONCEPT


To assess current food traceability best practices in selected industry sectors and create a reference document, based on principles of Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) and Key Data Elements (KDEs). The intention is that the document serves as a guide for government regulatory authorities and others to foster the use of uniform data gathering and recordkeeping requirements.

Expected Outcomes

A food traceability best practices guide for national and international regulatory agencies that reflects a CTE- and KDEbased data collection and recordkeeping framework and spans the best practices in selected food sectors for the purpose of fostering harmonized requirements throughout the food system.


A broad array of major food sectors and international and global perspectives will be included in the guide: bakery, dairy, produce, meats/poultry, seafood, and processed foods.


The project will begin with developing a generic framework of food traceability practices based upon work that has been done in the area of a CTE/KDE framework described in the IFT-FDA pilot report. Upon agreement from the Advisory Council, with the help of subject matter experts, we will then apply the generic framework to specific food sectors for validation, verification and refinement. This will provide guidance to regulators on the common data collection and retention requirements across all foods as well as special considerations for any differences that currently exist in industry traceability capabilities.

Required Resources

The GFTC will call upon individuals within key sectors of the food industry who have experience with traceability throughout the food system and within six major food sectors.


A seven-month time frame is anticipated from kick off to completion of the best practices guide.