Celebrating 75 Years Of feeding the minds that feed the world

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This year, IFT celebrates its 75th anniversary. This major milestone is unique opportunity for us to recognize the historical impact of food science, communicate the importance of our profession, and help others understand the critical role food science and technology will play in feeding our growing global population, which is expected to increase to nine billion people by 2050.

Special 75th Anniversary Initiatives

You’ll find a variety of exciting initiatives planned for this year-long event, from traditional celebrations, to special activities at the 2014 IFT Annual Meeting & Food Expo, to a variety of programs that give both IFT members and the food community at-large unique opportunities to get involved and make an impact.

Our 75th anniversary also offers a new opportunity to tell the story of food science to a broader audience, including the general public. To do that, we have launched a new program called FutureFood 2050. Under the FutureFood 2050 umbrella, we’ll be conducting 75 interviews with prominent individuals both within and outside of the food world. Their stories, crafted by an editorial team, will generate opportunities to create a dialogue on the promise of the profession and its ability to solve future food challenges.

These interviews will lead to a second high-profile opportunity: a feature-length documentary-style film that will focus on how food science will improve the world through sustainable solutions. By focusing our dialogue on science, we’ll educate the public on the critical role food science and technology will play in solving our future global challenges

We hope you will join in our celebration of the profession and of IFT!

News & Updates

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Hear IFT members share their thoughts about IFT’s milestone anniversary.

Have a 75th anniversary-related story or idea to share with us? E-mail it to 75thideas@ift.org.