Based on the guidance of its Advisory Council and input from key stakeholders, the Global Food Traceability Center has embarked on and/or will soon complete the following projects:

Best Practices in Food Traceability - Guide for Regulators

Purpose: To assess current food traceability best practices in selected industry sectors and create a reference document, based on
principles of Critical Tracking Events (CTEs) and Key Data Elements (KDEs). The intention is that the document serves as a guide for government regulatory authorities and others to foster the use of uniform data gathering and record keeping requirements.

Food Traceability Education & Training

Purpose: To design, develop, and deliver food traceability learning courses

Global Food Traceability Regulations

Purpose: To assist in the discussion and development of harmonized food traceability requirements around the world.

Enhancing Seafood Value Chain Traceability

Purpose: The purpose of this project is to strengthen the performance of the seafood industry by providing practical research and advice about the utility of traceability to reduce waste, enhance consumer trust, and increase business efficiencies. Additionally, the project will provide a tool that can be used by stakeholders seeking to better understand their return on investment in traceability.

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