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Title Biogenic Amines in Turkish Sausages (Sucuks)
Abstract Article Biogenic Amines in Turkish Sausages (Sucuks) B enz 1 N Iikli 1 and N oksyler 1 1 Author Senz is with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affair Province Control Laboratory Yenimahalle Ankara Turkey Authors Isikli and oksyler are with the Department of Food Engineering Faculty of Engineering University of Mersin 33160 iftlikky Mersin Turkey Direct correspondence to Dr Nafi oksyler (E-mail: naficoksoyler@usanet) Key words: Turkish sausage biogenic amine HPLC References Askar A Treptow H 1986 Biogene Amine in Lebensmittel Stuttgart Germany : Eugen Ulmer Verlag p 44 45 Busto O Valero Y Guasch J Borrul F 1994 Solid phase extraction applied to the determination of biogenic amines in wines by HPLC Chromatography 38 : 571 578 Buteau C Duitschaever LC Ashton GL 1984 High-performance liquid chromatographic detection and quantification of amines in must and wine J Chromatography 284 : 201 210 on AH Gkalp HY 1998 Trkiye pazar 1ndaki sucuklar1n baz1 kimyasal ve mikrobiyolojik nitelikleri G1da 5 : 347 355 Dierick N Vandekerckhove P Demeyer D 1974 Changes in nonprotein nitrogen compounds during dry sausage ripening J Food Sci 39 : 301 304 Eerola S Hinkkanen R Lindfors E Hirvi T 1993 Liquid chromatographic determination of biogenic amines in dry sausages J AOAC 76 : 575 577 Erginkaya Z Var I 1989 Et ve et rnlerinde biyojenik aminler Gida 14 : 171 174 Gkalp HY Yetim H Kaya M Ockerman HW 1988 Saprophytic and pathogenic bacteria levels in Turkish soudjouks manufactured in Erzurum Turkey J Food Protect 51 : 121 125 Grakan GC 1991 Characterization of lactobacilli and staphylococci isolated from Turkish dry sausage Doctoral thesis Ankara Turkey : Middle East Technical University p 133 Available from: Middle East Technical University Library Heaberle M 1987 Biogene Amine - 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Article Date August 2000
Issue 5
Volume 65
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