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Title Folate Content of Dairy Products Measured by Microbiological Assay with Trienzyme Treatment
Abstract Folate Content of Dairy Products Measured by Microbiological Assay with Trienzyme Treatment KE Johnston 1 DB Dirienzo 1 and T Tamura 1 1 Authors Johnston and Tamura are with the Dept of Nutrition Sciences Univ of Alabama at Birmingham Birmingham AL 35294 Author DiRienzo is with National Dairy Council Rosemont IL 60018 Direct inquiries to author Tamura (E-mail: tamurat@uabedu) Keywords: folate dairy products milk trienzyme treatment folate conjugase References Aiso K Tamura T 1998 Trienzyme treatment for food folate analysis: Optimal pH and incubation time for -amylase and protease treatments J Nutr Sci Vitaminol 44 : 361 370 Babu S Srikantia SG 1976 Availability of folates from some foods Am J Clin Nutr 29 : 376 379 Baran D Sorensen A Grimes J Lew R Karellas A Johnston B Roche J 1989 Dietary modification with dairy products for preventing vertebral bone loss in premenopausal women: A three-year prospective study J Clin Endocrinol Met 70 : 264 270 De Souza S Eitenmiller R 1990 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Landen WO Jr Soliman A-GM Eitenmiller RR 1990 Application of a tri-enzyme extraction for total folate determination in foods J Assoc Off Anal Chem 73 : 805 808 MRC Vitamin Study Research Group 1991 Prevention of neural tube defects: results of the Medical Research Council Vitamin Study Lancet 338 : 131 137 Pennington JAT 1998 Bowes Church's Food values of portion commonly used Philadelphia : Lippin-cott-Raven Pfeiffer CM Rogers LM Gregory JF III 1997 Determination of folate in cereal-grain food products using trienzyme extraction and combined affinity and reversed-phase liquid chromatography I Agri Food Chem 45 : 407 413 Rader JI Weaver CM Angyal G 1998 Use of a microbiological assay with tri-enzyme extraction for measurement of pre-fortification levels of folates in enriched cereal-grain products Food Chem 63 : 451 465 Rader JI Weaver CM Angyal G 2000 Total folate in enriched cereal-grain products in the United States following fortification Food Chem 70 : 275 289 Refsum H Ueland PM Nygard O Vollset SE 1998 Homocysteine and cardiovascular disease Ann Rev Med 49 : 31 62 Smith AM Picciano MF Deering RH 1985 Folate intake and blood concentrations of term infants Am J Clin Nutr 41 : 590 598 Subar AF Block G James LD 1989 Folate intake and food sources in the US population Am J Clin Nutr 50 : 508 516 Swiatlo N O'Connor DL Andrews J Picciano MF 1990 Relative folate bioavailability from diets containing human bovine and goat milk J Nutr 120 : 172 177 Tamura T 1990 Microbiological assay of folates In : Picciano MF Stokstad ELR Gregory JF III editors Folic Acid Metabolism in Health and Disease New York : Wiley-Liss P 121 137 Tamura T 1998 Determination of Food Folate J Nutr Biochem 9 : 285 293 Tamura T Stokstad ELR 1973 The availability of food folate in man Br J Haematol 25 : 513 532 Tamura T Mizuno Y Johnston KE Jacob RA 1997 Food folate assay with protease -amylase and folate conjugase treatments J Agri Food Chem 45 : 135 139 Tani M Iwai K 1984 Some nutritional effects of folate-binding protein in bovine milk on the bioavailability of folate to rats J Nutr 114 : 778 785 US Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service 1999 USDA Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 13 http://wwwnalusdagov/fnic/foodcomp April 10 2001 Wagner C 1995 Biochemical role of folate in cellular metabolism In : Bailey LB editor Folate in health and disease New York : Marcel Dekker P 23 42 ABSTRACT: Folate contents of a total of 210 dairy products including milk yogurt ice cream sherbet frozen yogurt pudding sour cream and cheese were measured by Lactobacillus casei microbiological assay after the extraction using trienzyme treatment These values are compared with those using traditional folate conjugase treatment alone and those in previously published food tables Folate contents by the method using trienzyme treatment were uniformly higher than those using the traditional method and the published contents To our knowledge the values published here are the largest collection of folate content of dairy products and can be used to accurately assess dietary folate intake in the general population
Article Date March 2002
Issue 2
Volume 67
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