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Title Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Treatment of Black Peppercorns Inoculated with Salmonella and Held Under Controlled StoragePlasma treatment of black peppercorns…Plasma treatment of black peppercorns…
Abstract AbstractSpices, including black pepper, are a source of microbial contamination and have been linked to outbreaks of salmonellosis when added to products that undergo no further processing. Traditional thermal processing employed to reduce microbial contamination can lead to losses of heat-sensitive compounds. Thus, alternative processes such as atmospheric pressure plasma (APP) are desirable. The purpose of this research was to determine the efficacy of APP in the destruction of Salmonella inoculated on the surface of peppercorns. Secondarily, we examined the effect of storage on the subsequent inactivation of Salmonella on the surfaces of black peppercorns by APP. Black peppercorns inoculated with a cocktail of Salmonella enterica serotypes Oranienburg, Tennessee, Anatum, and Enteritidis were stored at 25 °C, 33% relative humidity (RH); 25 °C, 97% RH; and, 37 °C, 33% RH for 10 d and additionally at 25 °C, 33% RH for 1 and 30 d then treated with APP. Results showed that Salmonella populations decreased significantly (P < 0.05) with respect to the treatment time, but where not related to previous storage conditions (P > 0.05). Approximately a 4.5- to 5.5-log10 reduction in population was achieved after 60 to 80 s treatment. A combination of treatments, storage and 80 s of plasma, may achieve a total reduction on the order of 7-log10CFU/g. These findings support the potential of APP to decontaminate Salmonella on the surfaces of black peppercorns and other dry foods and illustrate that a multiple hurdle approach may prove effective for achieving significant reductions of Salmonella in many low-moisture foods.Practical ApplicationSpices, including black pepper, which often is added to ready-to-eat food as final decoration or flavoring, has raised public health concerns due to outbreaks of salmonellosis. APP is a desirable and effective technology that is able to decontaminate pathogens while maintaining product quality. In this research, APP was shown to significantly reduce levels of Salmonella on the surfaces of black peppercorns. About a 5-log10 reduction could be achieved with 80-s treatment by APP. Storage conditions did not significantly affect the application of APP.
Article Date December 2014
Issue 12
Volume 79
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