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Title Visual and Spectrophotometric Evaluations of Beef Color Stability
Abstract A Research Note Visual and Spectrophotometric Evaluations of Beef Color Stability RN ARNOLD 1 KK SCHELLER 1 SC ARP 1 SN WILLIAMS 2 and DM SCHAEFER 1 1 Authors Arnold Scheller Arp and Schaefer are with the Dept of Meat Animal Science 1675 Observatory Dr Univ Wisconsin-Madison Madison WI 53706 2 Author Williams is with the Animal Nutrition Group Hoffmann-La Roche Inc 340 Kings-land St Nutley NJ 07110-1199 Key Words: beef color spectrophotometry stability metmyoglobin optical properties REFERENCES Eagerman BA Clydesdale FM and Francis FJ 1977 Determination of fresh meat color by objective methods J Food Sci 42 : 707 Faustman C and Cassens RG 1990 : The biochemical basis for discoloration in fresh meat: a review J Muscle Foods 1 : 217 Gacula MC and Singh J 1984 Statistical sensory testing Ch 2 In Statistical Methods in Food and Consumer Research p 33 Academic Press New York Greene BE Hsin I and Zipser MW 1971 Retardation of oxidative color changes in raw ground beef J Food Sci 36 : 940 Harrison AR Kropf DH Allen DM Hunt MC and Kastner CL 1980 Relationships of spectrophotometric reflectance measurements to beef muscle visual color J Food Sci 45 : 1052 Hood DE and Riordan EB 1973 Discolouration in pre-packaged beef: measurement by reflectance spectrophotometry and shopper discrimination J Food Technol 8 : 333 Hunt MC 1980 Meat color measurements Recip Meat Conf Proc 33 : 41 Jeremiah LE Carpenter ZL and Smith GC 1972 Beef color as related to consumer acceptance and palatability J Food Sci 37 : 476 MacDougall DB 1982 Changes in the colour and opacity of meat Food Chem 9 : 75 Ockerman HW and Cahill VR 1969 Reflectance as a measure of pork and beef muscle tissue color J Anim Sci 28 : 750 O'Keeffe M and Hood DE 198081 Anoxic storage of fresh beef 2 Colour stability and weight loss Meat Sci 5 : 267 O'Keeffe M and Hood DE 1982 Biochemical factors influencing met myoglobin formation on beef from muscles of differing colour stability Meat Sci 7 : 209 Snedecor GW and Cochran WG 1980 Statistical Methods 7th ed Iowa State University Press Ames IA Stewart MR Zipser MW and Watts BM 1965 The use of reflectance spectrophotometry for the assay of raw meat pigments J Food Sci 30 : 464 Strange ED Benedict RC Gugger RE Metzger VG and Swift CE 1974 Simplified methodology for measuring meat color J Food Sci 39 : 988 Van den Oord AHA and Wesdorp JJ 1971 Colour rating and pigment composition of beef J Food Technol 6 : 15 ABSTRACTSlices of longissimus and gluteus medius muscles from 96 beef steers were displayed under simulated retail display conditions Meat color display life was calculated by methods termed (1) change between days and (2) days to threshold The days to threshold approach yielded estimates of color display life which were more consistent among slaughter groups of steers and within muscles Longissimus had a longer color display life than gluteus medius Reflectance measurements of beef color provided similar relative estimates of color display life as visual assessment The accumulation of metmyoglobin at the onset of discoloration was associated with variances which were more homogeneous than those for percentage discoloration determined by visual assessment
Article Date March 1992
Issue 2
Volume 57
Key Issues