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IFT is your source for the latest information about the science of food, as well as continuing education programs that help advance your career, events that will keep you on top of the ever-changing food industry landscape, and resources that contain insights that you immediately apply to your work.

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What is IFT

Food Science & Technology
Learn more about the basics of food science & technology.

Food Facts
Curious to know the differences between wild-caught vs. farm-raised fish? Want to know why eating insects is a good thing? Get the facts with IFT's Food Facts.

Can You Imagine?
No way to keep food fresh, nutrition would be a guessing game, food would be unsafe to eat... discover what a World Without Food Science™ would look like.

Journal of Food Science  
The Journal of Food Science (JFS) brings you peer-reviewed reports of original research and critical reviews of all aspects of food science – more than 300 papers a year.

Journal of Food Science Education 
The Journal of Food Science Education (JFSE) provides information on current innovations, trends, and issues surrounding food science and technology education at all levels.

Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science & Food Safety 
Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety contains in-depth coverage of a narrowly defined topics of food science and food safety, including nutrition, engineering, microbiology, sensory evaluation, physiology, genetics, economics, regulations, and history.

IFT Press Books 
Access relevant food science and technology titles. IFT members get a 35% discount on all IFT Press books.

Take advantage of a variety of online courses designed to help you expand your food science skills and augment your general business skills. Here are just a few of our online courses:

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IFT's scientific reports address food science topics of interest to the food science and technology community.

Contract Reports 
The Department of Science and Technology Projects draws upon the expertise of IFT members and others to address food-related issues of concern to the public and the private sector. Explore IFT’s Contract Reports.

Expert Reports
Each Expert Report is accompanied by numerous outreach documents, such as backgrounders, one-page summaries, frequently asked questions, and news releases.

Scientific Status Summaries 
IFT Scientific Status Summaries are peer-reviewed reports assessing the state of knowledge on specific food issues. Explore IFT’s Scientific Status Summaries.

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Focus Areas Explore the information and join the conversations in one of our Key Focus Areas.

IFT Divisions

Divisions focus on specific areas of food science and technology, bringing together IFT member talent and knowledge to explore important topics, solve problems and help one another in the advancement of food science and technology.

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June 2-5, 2019 | New Orleans, LA
Meet the people who are driving innovation across the science of food. Build new relationships with limitless opportunities to connect and expand your professional ecosystem.

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For the Non-Food Scientist

Food Science for the Non-Food Scientist is an online, on-demand course that teaches basic principles of food science, its role in the development of food products, food safety and more.  

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