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IFT 2012




Incorporating food, nutrition, and health informatics resources in the food design and engineering process

Explains how informatics can be utilized throughout the food design and engineering process

J. Kaput, C. Slupsky, D. Barile, M. Lange,

Endothelial function:  A new health claim target for functional foods?

Provides an update on the research on certain bioactive compounds on endothelial function and how to communicate related health claims in the market

J.A. Vita, G. den Hartog, A. Berger, P. de Cock

Anthocyanins:  A colorful array of health promoting properties

Overview of the existing and potential role of anthocyanins and the latest research on their health benefits

M. Giusti, E.G. De Mejia, T.C. Wallace, M.A. Lila

Functional foods of Latin America:  Flavor, health benefits, and opportunities for commercialization

Describes research on the composition and health benefits of functional foods from Latin America and how processing methods impact flavor and chemical composition

L. Mejia, T.J. Hartman, NC Da Costa, G. Davila Ortiz

Solving the fatty acid puzzle for health, function, and new labels

This session will delve into the innovation in fat and oils ingredients and processes and how labeling systems influence the fatty acids space

P. Kris-Etherton, A. Mente, A. Maggi, D. Dzisiak

Food science, nutrition, and the skin

Discusses consumer trends relating to nutrition and skin

A.Pappas, J.M. Ntambi, M. Anthonavage, JB Hirsch

Indigestible carbohydrates and colonic health

Explains the science to support digestive health products in the marketplace

H. Rasmussen, B. Hamker, L. Sanders, ND Turner

Leveraging the glycemia and digestion properties of wholesome ingredients as an effective aid for consumers to manager their middles

Looks at emerging trends and consumer demand for foods that influence consumers' appetite and blood glucose levels

R. Mattes, K. Shelke, S. Badaracco

IFT 2011 




Antioxidants, science, and health:  New perspectives


J. Finley, L. Ji, N. Seeram, D. Sullivan

Bringing innovative ingredients and products to the marketplace with substantiated nutrition claims


S. Morrison, J. Shan

IFT 2010




Nutrient bioavailability by design


F. Dionsi, B. German, T. Wolever

Nuts:  Phytochemicals, health effects, and flavor


C. Alasalvar, C. Kendall, K. Lapsley, R. Pegg, K. Cadwallader

Novel bioactives:  Approaches for the search, evaluation, and processing for nutraceuticals


G. Inglett, A. TokuAYoAYlu

Probiotics:  Insights and health applications


B. German, ME Sanders

The brave new world of fiber:  New functional applications, simplified measurement, labeling and health


S. Bhandari, J. Slavin, R. Mehta

Functional foods and nutraceuticals in the prevention of cancer, inflammation, and diverse degenerative diseases


R. Gupta, D. Bagchi, N. Maulik, S. Nair

Dietary fat and heart disease:  Time for a paradigm shift?


P. Kris-Etherton, M. Pereira, R. Clemens

New plant sources of nutritionally beneficial omega-3's stearidonic acid


M.L. Chin, W. Harris, E. Decker, D. Welsby

Functional foods and ingredients from Latin America:  Opportunities for research and trade


JG Menegaldo, S Valdez, G Pastore, A Bonilla

Nutrigenomics, nutritional phenotype, and delivery of personalized nutrition


J. Kaput, B. German

Polyphenols and cardiovascular health—antioxidant activity and beyond


J. Blumberg, J. Vita, M. Dreher

Bioavailability and nutrigenomics of small fruit polyphenols


K. Miyashita, M. Giusti, G. Mazza, D. Bagchi

Research update:  The role of dietary fibers in preventing and treating diabetes and metabolic syndrome


C. Pelkman, F. Hu, B. Burton-Freeman, K. Maki

IFT 2009




Genomics:  Status of the science and potential impact on the food industry


P. Markwell, R. Rodriguez, N. Emenaker

Galactooligosacchardies:  From mother's milk to mainstream foods


A.Birkett, C. Munteanu, R. Hutkins, R. Clemens

Natural therapeutic intervention in arthritis and inflammatory diseases


D. Bagchi, M. Bagchi, R. Gupta, YJ Surh

Lutein and zeaxanthin in visual performance:  New opportunities for the food and beverage industry


J. Stringham, B. Hammon, F. Barker

Nutraceutical and functional foods regulations in the world


D. Ghosh, J. Zawistowski, M. Harwood

IFT Wellness




Top 10 functional food trends 2012

Consumer research providing guidance on hot and not so hot areas in 2012

E. Sloan

Phyto-nutrients from plant-based foods: Whole food trend

Addresses emerging evidence that suggests the health benefits of plant-based foods may be attributed to the additive and synergistic interactions of phytochemicals present in the whole food

C. Diekman, C. Keen, R. Tiwari

Leveraging the glycemic and digestive properties of wholesome ingredients as an effective aid for consumers to manage their middles

Discusses the role of food structure in solid food products and the subsequent effect on consumers' appetite and blood glucose levels based on almond, legume, and whole grain case studies

R. Mattes, K. Shelke

Functional foods, dietary ingredients, and health claims in the EU and US:  Are regulations closing the door on innovations?

Covers the regulatory oversight of claims in the US and the EU and provides strategies for navigating the regulatory morass around functional ingredients and health claims

K. Musa-Veloso, A. Pavel

The next generation of nutrition

Explores the definition of medical foods, the global market size of various categories, and how a new approach can assist patients while providing a new revenue stream for food companies

L.A. Williams, R. Winger

IFT Webcasts




Botanicals in energy fueling foods:  A view into the science behind the claims

Examines the science that supports the claims and covers the FDA's perspective, the need to fulfill the consumer's desire for a healthy lifestyle, and the recent surge of botanicals in energy fueling foods on the market place

J. Simon, P.J. Riker

Capitalizing on the NEW functional food trends

Identifies and explains the 2008's Top 10 functional food trends

E. Sloan

Conjugated linoleic acid from discovery to GRAS, a 20 year journey

Examines the science in the discovery, regulatory acceptance, and commercial application of potentially novel nutritional components

M.W. Pariza, Y. Park, M. Cook

Dietary supplements enter the mainstream

Discusses the regulatory facets of dietary supplements

TC Wallace, P Barton-Hutt, D Mackay


Examines the role of probiotics to human health

ME Sanders, RA Clemens

FTC and FDA enforcement activities related to claims on foods and dietary supplements:  Implications for professionals

Discusses FTC and FDA enforcement on labeling and advertising regarding substantiated claims

M Engle, P Trumbo, L Szybist, LG Saldanha, AT Pavel

Global regulatory approval for food ingredients

Provides an overview of the key technical, legal, and regulatory requirements for gaining regulatory approval for food ingredients, food additives, and dietary supplements

A.Roberts, N. Baldwin, P. Abbott

Health claims:  In-depth perspectives

Examines the FDA's implementation of “qualified health claims” versus the European Union's (EU) Health Claims Regulations

M. Mansour, G.H. Johnson

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  • The United States Department of Agriculture's Nutrition Evidence Library is a resource for making food and nutrition research accessible to all Americans.

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