IFT Contributions to Medical Foods

Food scientists and technologists have contributed to the creation of medical foods and continue to work on unlocking their potential in advancing human health. 

  • IFT’s Board of Directors prioritized creating a deep dive session on the topic of food as medicine.  At Wellness 2012, attendees had the opportunity to learn more about medical foods and personalized nutrition.  Keep posted as IFT’s contributions to this topic evolves over time!
  • Will Fisher, Vice President of Science and Policy at IFT, presented a session on Functional Foods on November 23, 2011 at a SENAI meeting in Brazil where he explained the differences between functional foods and medical foods.  The presentation was entitled Functional Foods:  Their Role & Opportunities.
  • Institute of Food Technologists Expert Report.  Functional Foods: Opportunities and Challenges.  Chicago: Institute of Food Technologists; 2005.