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Specialized Nutrition:  Opportunities in Medical Foods and Beyond for Aging, Developing, and Other Specialized Populations

This presentation will examine what products are in the market, what conditions and consumers they target, and what we can expect next.  Guidance will also be provided on getting a product to market and the legal and regulatory compliance requirements for medical and specialized nutrition foods

AT Pavel, LA Williams, and R Winger

IFT Wellness 2012




The Next Generation of Nutrition

A wide range of medical conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, and renal disease, can be ameliorated through dietary intervention. However, the food industry pays too little attention to a number of these conditions, as the percentage of instances in the greater population are relatively low, and they perceive that the current food supply is catering adequately to these needs. This session will explore the definition of medical foods, the global market size of various categories, and how a new approach can assist patients while providing a new revenue stream for food companies.

LA Williams and R Winger

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The Science Behind Food and Health

This course explores the compounds and chemistry of bioactives and their impact on cognitive health.  Learn how important legal and regulatory requirements are in product approval and product claims including recent developments under Section 912 regarding food and drugs.  Understand the differences between foods and pharmaceuticals and the interplay between food and drugs.

JC Allen, EF Greenberg, JA Thomas, and B Schaneberg


Other Web-based Resources

  • FDA guidance for industry and information on their compliance program

Medical Foods Product Development Resources

  • FDA provides guidance on developing products for rare diseases and conditions