Policy and Regulatory Developments Related to Prebiotics

The policy and regulatory resources listed below may be specific to prebiotics, dietary fiber, and/or functional foods which may include prebiotics as a functional ingredient.  



European Union


  • FAO technical meeting on prebiotics. This meeting of experts was convened to discuss guidelines, recommended criteria and methodology for conducting a systematic approach for the evaluation of prebiotics, leading to their safe and efficacious use in foods. 2007.



  • The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has issued a report titled “Probiotic health claims” which includes information on prebiotics.  Last reviewed, 2014.



  • The Health Functional Food Code developed by the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety provides general provisions, general standards and specifications, and prerequisite for health claim for each functional ingredient including some prebiotics such as inulin, chicory and fructooligosaccharides.



  • The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore has approved inulin and oligofructose as prebiotics and allows function claims for foods containing prebiotics. Last updated, 2014.

South Africa

United States

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