Lesson 3 Careers


A nutritionist must have a solid background in the physical, biological, behavioral and social sciences, along with an in-depth understanding of food composition. In addition, a nutritionist must be equipped with good management and communication skills in order to apply basic nutrition principles to practical aspects of dietetics and wellness.

A Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Science can be obtained from many universities.



To be involved in food packaging, you need to have a strong background in the following subject matters:




To secure a job with the food packaging industry, a college or university degree in food packaging or food science with a packaging minor would be ideal. Cal Poly, Food Science and Nutrition Department, (and many other university food science departments throughout the U.S.) offers a degree in food science with a packaging minor. Michigan State University , East Lansing, Mich., and the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), Rochester, N.Y., are examples of institutions that offer a degree in packaging.