Distribution Center

From the Plant to the StoreAs an example, Safeway recently opened a new distribution center in Tracy, California at a cost of $120 million. Statistics alone don't tell the story about this state-of-the-art facility. The size of this new distribution center is "large." It will store dry grocery, general merchandise, perishables and produce destined for shipment to Safeway's Northern California stores. A few comparisons might give you an idea of the size of this warehouse:

  • If you took a shopping cart and strolled through the aisles at an average shoppers pace, without stopping, it would take you 15 hours.
  • 14,000 different items are stored under one roof the size of 32 football fields.
  • 142 receiving dock doors and 125 outgoing shipping dock stations.
  • Incoming products are stored in 13 mile or 20.8 km aisles.
  • 36 state-of-the-art, fast folding doors allow refrigerated products to move in and out of cold storage with a minimum of temperature fluctuation.
  • 26 million cubic feet of cold storage holds 18 million gallons of ice cream, 1 billion hamburger patties and 27 million heads of lettuce.
  • 30 rooms serve as banana ripening areas.
  • 10 miles or 16 km of four-lane freeway facilitates delivery trucks and trailers.

With these numbers, you must agree, "Large doesn't begin to describe how big it really is!"