Product Development

From the Store to the ShopperMany activities at supermarkets relate to what to sell, developing new brands, packaging and labeling of its own brand, and customer service policies (a vital extension of a product).

One of the pillars in an merchandising strategy is to offer consumers the largest selection of products at each store. This allows the customer to make an informed choice as to what to purchase.

Large supermarket chains, like Safeway, also offers a wide range of high quality brand name products produced at its manufacturing facilities. Lucerne Dairy products, Mrs. Wright bakery items and TownHouse grocery products are examples of just a few. New products are constantly developed to meet the needs of the changing requirements of customers.

Satisfaction guaranteed is Safeway's number one customer service policy. If the product does not satisfy a customer's needs, Safeway will gladly provide an exchange or refund- no questions asked!