Customers and Customer Service

The Customer Service ChainTo remain competitive today, a company must focus on quality. Product quality, while important, is no longer the fundamental key to success. It is only the prerequisite ingredient! Quality must encompass all aspects of a business, from superior service to turnaround time. Businesses strive to achieve quality for one main reason-customer satisfaction. Loyal customers are the foundation for a company's long-term financial success. How does a supermarket acquire a loyal customer base? Through quality customer service...


No discussion of customer service would be complete without a definition of a customer. Like grocery stores, high schools are business enterprises. They have multiple customers. A customer is anyone, internal or external, who is affected by the processes or services of a business enterprise. The various customers of a high school are the students, the parents, the teachers, the Board of well as the future recipients of the products of high school education, such as colleges, universities and future employers.