Lesson 8 Glossary


Enzymes - Chemicals naturally occurring in foods that can work to spoil the food.

Pasteurization - Mild heat treatment for a short time designed to inactivate pathogens and Certain enzymes.

Pathogenic Microorganisms - Microorganisms that cause illness if consumed in a contaminated food.

Psychrophilic Microorganisms - Microorganisms that prefer cold temperatures to grow.


Freezing Point - The temperature at which water turns into ice.

Lactose - Milk sugar.

Solutes - Chemicals that are solid that dissolve in liquids.


Conduction - A heat transfer phenomenon. When heat travels from a hot solid to a cool solid, it is said that heat traveled through conduction.

Electric Component - It has a part that behaves like electricity.

Ionizing Radiation - Radiation energy capable of breaking atoms or molecules to electrically charged parts.

Loss Factor - A measure of how much microwave energy a certain food absorbs. The higher the loss factor, the higher the amount of microwave energy absorbed.

Magnetic Component - It has a part that behaves like a magnet.

Non-Ionizing Radiation - Not capable of ionizing atoms or molecules.

Penetration Depth - The depth to which microwaves can penetrate food.