K-12 Outreach Resources for teachers looking for class materials or students interested in looking behind the scenes at how food is developed and processed.

Middle school food safety curriculum
Hands On: Real-World Lessons for Middle School Classrooms is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary educational program designed to teach middle school students key food safety concepts, while meeting national standards for math, science, and social studies. Developed by the Department of Food Science and Technology at the University of TN, with funding from USDA and the Grocery Manufacturers Assn, and approved by IFT.

These presentation templates were created for IFT's Food Science Ambassadors to utilize when they visit schools or community groups and discuss food science. Ambassadors can use the presentation templates as is, alter or add slides, or mix and match slides from the various templates to create their own customized presentations.

IFT Food Science Activity Guide
This IFT Food Science Activity Guide includes numerous quick and easy activities, many of which were field-tested, for outreach to classrooms, community organizations, and others. Each activity includes background, an administrator's guide, and a student handout. Many of the activities from the guide coordinate directly with IFT's outreach presentations, which are available at Outreach Presentations.

Food Science Experiments
Use food to help teach science. The Food Science Experiments are designed for use in middle and senior high school science classes. Experiments have been grouped for chemistry and biology classes. They include teacher and student information and activity guides, sample data tables, and, where appropriate, visual masters for copying.

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