Food Science Activity Guides

This IFT Food Science Activity Guide (pdf, 1.3MB) includes numerous quick and easy activities, many of which were field-tested, for outreach to classrooms, community organizations, and others.  Each activity includes background, an administrator's guide, and a student handout.  Many of the activities from the guide coordinate directly with IFT's outreach presentations, which are available at Outreach Presentations.

Food Science Activity Guide Contents

A la carte selections from the activity guide are available below for faster and easier viewing, printing, etc.

Food Chemistry
I Second that Emulsion (making mayonnaise)
Baffling Beaters (egg white foam)
Alginate Gummies 
Nutrition, Labeling, and Food Analysis
There's Iron in Breakfast Cereal?
Counting Calories (calorimeter)
Food Processing
Got Milk (processing for different types of milk)
Freezing Foams (ice cream)
Product Development
Top Ten Trends
Sensory Evaluation
Is Seeing Believing? (beverage taste test)
Oh my - Papillae! (identifying taste buds)
Can You Taste Without Your Nose?
Triangle Sensory Test with Oreo Cookies

Fast Facts
Sample Outreach Letter
Ambassador Survey
Student Survey
Organizer/Teacher/Troop Leader Survey

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