Sustainability Mary Wagner, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Global Research and Development, Starbucks, explains how food scientists work to ensure environmentally friendly food production.

In a world without food science, much of the food produced would be lost to spoilage and waste. Food scientists work to conserve resources during the entire chain of production. They make sure land and water are conserved and protected as a crop is grown and as a food product is made. They create packaging that is reduced, recycled and reusable to minimize waste. They place food production plants in areas where food can be transported and distributed efficiently.


Can You Imagine?
What a world without food science would look like:

- No way to keep food fresh

- Nutrition would be a guessing game

- Food would look and taste bad

- Food would cost a lot more

- Dinner would take all day to prepare

- Food would be unsafe to eat

- There wouldn't be enough food for everyone

The good news?

Thousands of dedicated food science professionals, are preventing this frightening scenario from becoming a reality. They are developing safe, nutritious, healthy and plentiful food that consumers eat everyday.