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Networking 101: Who, What, When, Where, Why


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Who? You

What? Networking 101

When? Any time

Where? Meetings, conferences, social events


Good question! Networking is everywhere. How often do you interact with people who are either your peers or industry leaders or both? Every time you attend a meeting, a conference or a social event, you have opportunities to network. So why is networking so important? To grow in your own career, learn from others, and develop new skills which make you invaluable to the industry. In this webcast, learn how to make first impressions and lasting connections to help you continue to grow as a professional.

Learning Objectives:

Intended Audience(s): Recent and soon-to-be graduates and any industry professionals interested in brushing up on their networking skills
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Duration: 60 Minutes


Judith Ruff Lindsey, CFS

Dr Donald G Coffey

Mohamed Badaoui Najjar, PhD
Principal Scientist