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Conjugated Linoleic Acid from Discovery to GRAS, a 20 Year Journey


There is great interest in developing and utilizing novel food ingredients for health maintenance and improvement. This webcast will discuss the lessons learned from conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) as a potential model for future endeavors in this area. CLA occurs naturally in the milk and body fat of ruminant animals as a result of rumen microbial fermentation of linoleic acid. In 1986 it was shown that CLA inhibited chemically-induced epidermal neoplasia in mice, thus establishing that CLA possessed biological activity. Since then more than 2000 publications on CLA have appeared in the scientific literature, and it is now established that the two main biologically-active CLA isomers (c9t11 and t10c12 CLA) acting alone or in concert induce all of the known physiological effects of CLA.

CLA was introduced commercially as a dietary supplement in the mid-1990s, and accepted without objection by FDA as GRAS for food ingredient use in 2008 (GRN 232). CLA is also under study for use in animal agriculture. Accordingly CLA presents many facets that are applicable to research on and regulatory acceptance of novel food ingredients, including the importance of pursuing promising if unexpected research leads, the discovery of multifunctional effects and the search for biochemical mechanisms to explain those effects, the importance of collaboration, the challenges and opportunities that arise from worldwide research interest, and the importance of perseverance in obtaining the pre-clinical and clinical data needed to assure safety and efficacy.

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Michael W Pariza

Univ Of Wisconsin

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Univ of Massachusetts

Mark Cook

Univ of Wisconsin