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From Babies to Baby Boomers – What You Should Know About DHA and Cognition


This webcast highlights emerging research in the rapidly evolving field of DHA and cognition, focusing on DHA’s role in neurocognitive development.  Presenters will explain the importance of DHA status of maintenance of cognitive function throughout life.  Specific information will be provided about the DHA levels needed to support cognitive development from infancy through childhood. 

You will gain a deeper understanding of the results of clinical studies reflecting the growing importance of DHA status for cognitive function and memory.  Implications of new research, trends for nutrition labeling, communications and marketing will also be discussed.

Webcast Objectives:

Learning Level(s): Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
Member Registration Fee: $79
Presentation Date: 03/24/10 12:45 PM
Duration: 1 hour


Dr James D Astwood, CFS
SVP Innovation
Aurora Algae Inc

Dr Susan Carlson

Univ of Kansas

Dr Janet E Collins, PHD, RD, CFS

Dupont Corp Regulatory Affairs