Product Traceability -- How Far Is Enough in Today's Marketplace?

Learn how to comply with FDA regulations, and benefit from case studies that focus on capturing product traceability data. Examples of good record-keeping procedures will be shared, as will procedures for the tracking and tracing of products within a standardized format.

Food manufacturers have three main objectives in using traceability systems: improve supply management, facilitate traceback for food safety and quality, and differentiate foods with subtle quality attributes. The benefits include lower cost distribution systems, reduced recall expenses, and increased sales of products with attributes that are difficult to discern. In every case, the benefits of traceability translate into larger net revenues for the manufacturer.

Learning Objectives:

  • Increase awareness of the need to improve product traceability to protect the food supply
  • Explore examples of capturing and sharing data in a standardized format
  • Review options for implementing a successful traceability program

Learning Level(s): Beginner / Intermediate
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Presentation Date: 10/24/09 12:00 AM


Alan Bennett


Chris Lemmond

Gs1 US

Jerry Mithen

RQA, Inc.

Dr Roger A Clemens, CFS, DrPH