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Recalls and Good Manufacturing Practices: What are the lessons learned?

In light of recent major recalls, this webcast examines past recalls and lessons learned. Dr. William Sperber, Global Ambassador for Food Protection at Cargill explores how we can learn from previous mistakes and how we can prevent making the same mistakes again.

How do audits help protect against possible recalls? Learn the laws behind good manufacturing practices and how GMPs can help you prevent possible recalls. Divid L. Durkin, Principal Attorney at Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Bode Matz P.C. in Washington D.C. has vast experience working with the USDA and FDA and lends expertise to the question, what happens when GMPs are not adhered to? Can you prove your manufacturing practices are followed?

Learning Level(s): Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced
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Presentation Date: 03/05/09 1:30 PM
Duration: 2 hours 30 min.


David Durkin

Olsson Frank Weeda Terman Bode Matz P.C.

Rena M Pierami
VP Technical Services
Silliker Inc

Dr William H Sperber

Cargill, Inc.

Dr Robert B Gravani, CFS
Fd Sci Prof
Cornell Univ