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Empathy & Experiment: Rapid, Humanistic, Cost Effective Product Design Webcast


The past decades have seen the proliferation of approaches to NPD, new product design. These approaches typically involve scoping out the opportunity, creating a concept to guide development, and then developing a product or set of products to capitalize on the business opportunity. The typical ‘structured’ approach to NPD involves stages and gates, activities and metrics. The ingoing assumption is that the discipline will weed out poor ideas and poor products. The reality is of the current process is that it works, but perhaps too slowly in an ever-more competitive environment, so that the ‘perfect becomes the enemy of the good.’

This webinar presents another process, simplified, designed to be faster, to cover more options, and to end up both with products and with IP, intellectual property.  We propose a simplified, three-step process:

  1. Identify the opportunity. The process is not altered here
  2. Create a strong product (initial prototype), and then create systematic alternatives using experimental design. We propose 8 prototypes, with 4 variables, each variable at two levels. This second stage increases the likelihood of a winning product, and creates deeper knowledge about both drivers of liking, and about sensory preference segmentation. This second step increases the likelihood of success by forcing the exploration of alternative prototypes, despite one’s ‘guess’ about which product the consumer wants. This second step provides intellectual property (IP) about the dynamics of a product, IP that most companies lack about virtually all their products.
  3. Create a selling concept for the winning product, again using experimental design, this time of ideas rather than ingredients. We propose an experimental design comprising six silos (categories) of ideas, each silo comprising six elements. This third step forces the exploration of alternative ideas, increasing the likelihood of success. This third further develops intellectual property for the company, again IP that most companies lack about virtually all their products.

Learning Level(s): Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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Presentation Date: 04/18/14 11:00 AM
Duration: 90 Minutes


Dr Howard Moskowitz, CFS