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Food Regulations Online Course


This course will give a comprehensive review of food regulations, outlining regulatory agencies and what they regulate, regulatory issues and challenges, and will provide many resources you may download and access at any time.

You will be able to:

Course Modules:

Introduction to Regulations: Provisions and Organizations
This introduction will review key food provisions and how they implicate food production including GRAS, HAACP, GMPs, and global/trade regulations.  This introduction will also identify key regulatory organizations that directly or indirectly impact food regulations such as the FDA, USDA, EPA, CFSAN, FSIS, Department of Commerce, World Health Organization, JECFA and the Federal Communications Commission as related to marketing regulations.

Regulations - Processing Requirements and Audits
This module will describe and differentiate among the different types of regulatory inspections and processing audits and will provide an understanding of the subject areas and requirements covered by regulatory inspections and processing audits such as Codex Alimentarius, HACCP, certifications and third-party audits.

Examples of most common deficiencies found in regulatory inspections and processing audits will be presented to better understand the major causes of product recalls.

Product Approval and Health Claims
This module will review general regulatory requirements from how food products are approved to what specifications exist to meet approval.  Examples of foods guided by product standards to be identified in certain ways such as “premium” will be provided.

This module will also review health claims and current regulations on testing and documentation needed to make legal defense.  Repercussions of false health claims, documentation needed to substantiate claims and actual wording and placement of health claims on products will be examined.

Labeling requirements
This module will detail labeling requirements as regulated by Health & Human Services agencies including FDA and the Fair Packaging and Labeling Act, USDA, and the Federal Trade Commission. 

Food labels will be thoroughly reviewed for mandatory label information, structure and function of product claims, other claims aside from health claims such as “fresh”, “healthy” and “organic”, symbols on food labels, and prohibited label information typically resulting in product misbranding.

Intended Audience(s): QA; Product Developers (Innovation Group), Food Processors, Research Associates, Scientists without Food Science Degrees, Sales & Marketing
Learning Level(s): Introductory to Intermediate - This course is intended for new to mid-level professionals
Non-Member Registration Fee: $495
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Student Registration Fee: $295
Duration: 5 hours (1 hour each session)


Dr Robert C Post
Sr Director of Nutrition & Regulatory Affairs

Marilyn D Schorin, Ph.D, RD, FADA, CFS
Schorin Strategies LLC

Michael H Mansky

Quality Continuum LLC