Formulation/Processing to Achieve Higher Protein Snacks & Beverages

Session Track: Protein Enhancement: Processing Applications
Session Date: Friday, March 21, 2014; 8:00 - 9:00 a.m.

Session Description

Snack processors today have many choices when it comes to protein fortification. Protein ingredients vary by origin - plant versus animal-based and come in a variety of physical forms, including powders, flakes and extruded crisps. The specific nutrition profile, protein quality and economics of proteins are also important considerations. The best choice for a specific type of snack might also be highly influenced by the snack format itself, the taste and texture targets and its manufacturing process. This presentation will focus on the many considerations that go into choosing proteins for snack applications, and how processing and formulation go hand-in-hand in creating protein-fortified snacks with strong consumer appeal. Protein sources, with a particular emphasis on soy protein, will be discussed, as well as optimal formulation and processing considerations when creating nutrition bar, beverage or meat snacks.

Speaker Information

George Rakes, Dupont Nutrition & Health

George Rakes received his BS in Biochemistry and his MS in Food Science and Technology from Virginia Tech.  After school, he worked as a food technologist for Morton Frozen Foods in Charlottesville, Virginia. George was responsible for development of improved foodservice and institutional products.  He later transferred to Walnut Creek, California with Del Monte where he worked on prepared frozen and canned foods. George joined Central Soya’s food research group in 1982, at their headquarters in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.   As Director of Food Protein Research, Specialty Products, he was responsible for technical service, application and product development for soy proteins.  In 2003, with the formation of the Solae Company in St. Louis, Missouri, George became the Director of New Technology and Meat Free Research.  He is currently a Senior Science Fellow- DuPont Nutrition & Health.  George has worked with customers in the development and applications of value added food products for over 25 years.   He also serves as a Global Key Account Innovation Coordinator, supporting the innovation initiatives of multinational food companies, as part of the integration of Solae/Dansico into DuPont Nutrition & Health.   George has been a member of the Institute of Food Technologists since 1977, currently recognized as a Professional Member, based on his years of experience in the food industry.