Global Snacking and Sugar-Reduction Trends: A Perspective from the Health Professional

Session Track: Sugar Reduction: Consumer Trends
Session Date: Friday, March 21, 2014; 11:15 a.m. - 111:45 a.m.

Session Description

This session takes a look at the spectrum of global trend data regarding snacking and sugar consumption including, countries with noteworthy trends in snacking and sugar reduction, how government agencies and national nutrition organizations communicate snacking and sugar reduction strategies, what dietitians and nutritionists are recommending people eat at snack time, and suggestions on how to engage global health professionals to better communicate messages relating to snacking and sugar reduction.

Speaker Information

Julie Meyer, Registered Dietitian, Eat Well Global Inc.

Julie Meyer, RD is founder and president of Eat Well Global, Inc., a global nutrition communications agency dedicated to helping food companies and institutions define their international messages.  Tapping into a network of nutrition professionals in more than 30 countries, Eat Well Global offers unique insights on in-country nutrition recommendations, influencers and trends.