Protein Generation: Emerging Health Linkages, Attitudes, “Must-Haves” and Issues

Session Track: Protein Enhancement: Consumer Trends
Session Date: Thursday, March 20, 2014; 12:45 PM - 1:45 PM

Session Description

Protein consumption remains center stage for more than half of U.S. consumers. Still, the current marketing efforts of food manufacturers have yet to realize the full potential of protein. In this session health market opportunities beyond weight control and appetite satiety will be presented including, body toning, immunity and energy. The roles of protein enhancement in a series of consumer health and industry questions are also examined.

Speaker Information

Liz Sloan, President, Contributing Editor, Sloan Trends, Inc.

Catherine Adams Hutt, R.D., Chief Regulatory and Science Officer, Sloan Trends, Inc.

Dr. A. Elizabeth Sloan, President of SLOAN TRENDS, INC. Consumer Trends Editor, Food Technology magazine Marketing Editor, Nutraceuticals World magazine  DR. SLOAN, IS PRESIDENT OF Sloan Trends, Inc. Dr. Sloan is President of Sloan Trends, a 20 year San Diego-based consultancy focused on identifying high potential new market opportunities/ingredients, trend monitoring/predictions, optimizing product positioning and ensuring regulatory compliance food, beverage, supplement, ingredient food service and commodity board marketers.  She was formerly Editor-in-Chief of McCall's magazine; Director of the Good Housekeeping Institute, Seal of Approval & Asst. Editor-in-Chief,  Good Housekeeping magazine; SVP/International Director, Food & Nutrition, Hill & Knowlton Public Relations; 1st Scientific Director, Am. Assoc. of Cereal Chemists & Director of Nutrition Communications & Technical Services, General Mills.     She has authored more than 400 articles on food, nutrition, health marketing and co-authored two college text books on nutrition. She has appeared on many radio and television programs, including most recently Rock Center with Brian Williams, the Today Show, Good Morning America, etc.   She is the 2012 recipient of the Calvert L. Wiley Award from the Institute of Food Technologist’s for “outstanding service to the food industry.” She has received two john J. Hill Awards for Excellence in Public Relations for the Kraft Fat-Free Products and the Wendy’s Int’l R. D. Thomas (Founder) campaigns.  She has a B.S. in Food Science, Rutgers University and Ph.D. in Food Science & Nutrition with a minor in journalism/mass communication from the University of Minnesota.  

Catherine Adams Hutt, PhD, RD, Chief Regulatory and Science Officer for Sloan Trends, Inc. will be co-presenting with Dr. Sloan for this session. Her bio follows:    Dr. Adams Hutt is Chief Regulatory and Science Officer for SloanTrends and is President and CEO of RdR Solutions Consulting, specializing in food safety, nutrition and wellness, regulatory compliance, and quality management.     Catherine has had senior leadership roles in the public and private sectors.  She led quality and food safety programs for Fortune 200 manufacturing and food service companies, including HJ Heinz, Campbell Soup Company and Tricon Restaurants, before they became YUM! Brands.  She was Chief Quality Officer for McDonald’s Corporation and Coors Brewing Company.  Dr. Adams Hutt also led McDonald’s nutrition strategy.  Prior to joining the private sector, Catherine was Assistant Administrator for the US Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service, the regulatory agency for meat and poultry.  There she led the global development for the principles of HACCP as we know it today, led the US Delegations for the Codex Food Hygiene Committee and Import and Export Certification Committee, and played key roles in the adoption of HACCP as a regulatory tool and the development of the Sanitary and Phytosanitary Standards that are part of WTO agreements today.  She has also worked for  ILSI-Nutrition Foundation and the Grocery Manufacturers of America, in Washington, DC.    Dr. Adams Hutt received her doctoral degree from the University of Illinois, Masters of Science from Michigan State University and undergraduate degree from the Pennsylvania State University.  She is a Registered Dietitian.  Dr. Adams Hutt has been recognized as Distinguished Alumnus of Pennsylvania State University and is Fellow of the University and a Fellow of the Institute of Food Technologists.    Catherine is married to Peter Barton Hutt and lives in both Washington, DC and Texas.  She owns and operates a working horse and cattle ranch that uses wind energy.