Sodium Reduction: Consumer Behavior, Product Activity

Session Track: Sodium Reduction: Consumer Trends
Session Date: Friday, March 21, 2014; 8:00 - 9:00 a.m.

Session Description

Do consumers care about sodium reduction? They say they do, but some struggle to do it well. While they may be skilled at using the salt shaker less, they often are not as aware as they should be of the sodium in the foods they buy. This presentation will look at what consumers do about reducing sodium, what they think about products on the market, and discuss what companies can do to help consumers do a better job.

Speaker Information

Stephanie PaukStephanie Pauk, Global Food Science Analyst, Mintel Group

Based in Chicago, Stephanie joined Mintel in 2013. As a Global Food Science Analyst, she is enthusiastic to share her food science insights and offer a technical perspective on various topics related to the food industry.

Prior to Mintel, Stephanie worked as a Food Scientist in R&D for an ingredients company in Chicago, where she specialized in seasoning product development and provided technical expertise to customers in the food industry. Stephanie was responsible for developing seasoning blends for a range of applications with a primary focus in poultry. She worked closely with suppliers, processors and other customers to ensure product success, including several successful national launches.

Stephanie has a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.