There’s a Protein for That! Selecting Proteins for Taste and Efficacy

Session Track: Protein Enhancement: Product Development Strategies & Applications
Session Date: Friday, March 21, 2014; 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Session Description

Due to the consumer interest in proteins, functional foods and beverages as well as confectionery business is booming.  For product developers, the growing interest in protein enhanced food and beverages require knowledge of, not only how protein functions in the product, but what happens once it’s ingested. That challenge is confounded by the growing number of proteins in the marketplace that don’t behave the same in all food products and may not be suitable for different consumer segments. This session reviews various proteins, their nutritional and functional attributes and how product developers can match the right delivery method with the right protein.

Speaker Information

Kantha Shelke, Scientist/Principal, Corvus Blue, LLC

antha Shelke is a Principal at Corvus Blue LLC, a Chicago-based science and research firm that specializes in new product development, competitive intelligence and expert witness services in food science and ingredient technologies. The firm is retained by progressive food and wellness businesses and professional organizations to focus on what matters most in expediting technology development, new product launch and market realization. Kantha is Editor-at-Large of Penton Media’s Functional Ingredients and Nutrition Business Journal, Science & Technology Commentator at PLMA Live!, and a spokesperson for IFT.  She works and teaches at the intersection of food science and application for health and wellness, focusing on the science of food processing, physiology, regulatory clearance, processing trends, commercialization and dynamics shaping acceptance and adherence by consumers and markets.