Translating Healthy Food Benefits into a Winning Product Combination: Strategies to Go Beyond Liking

Session Track: Protein Enhancement/Sensory Applications 
Session Date: Thursday, March 20, 2014; 1:45 - 2:45 p.m.

Session Description

The biggest challenge facing sensory and product development is translation – translating the benefits promised through a concept into a consumer product experience. A classical approach to product guidance involves providing diagnostic information to developers on how specific sensory attributes impact overall liking scores. This approach does little to help developers optimize for benefits that go beyond liking. You will see from our research, liking does not necessarily translate into a product that fulfills consumers desires in various moments. To go beyond liking, we will present a 3 step process that highlights the importance of food product design and development incorporating research that goes beyond liking. The case study we will present used a CATA technique that results in scoring the “reward” or “penalty” of sensory “cues” perceived from assessed products and/or packages that signal benefits (in addition to liking). While this paper describes the Energy Bar Market, the application can be used across any product or service.

Speaker Information

Dave Lundahl, Insights Now, Inc.

Dave Lundahl, CEO InsightsNow, Inc David’s passion is to inspire bold innovation. As such, this led him to create InsightsNow – an innovation research partner for companies operating within the consumer packaged goods industry. David’s broad perspective about innovation is fueled from his diverse career in food industry positions and from his role as a founding faculty-member for Oregon State University’s Food Innovation Center. David not only applies his passion toward inspiring bold innovation, but uses it to lead the ideas underlying behavior-driven innovation – an approach that applies the psychology of consumer behavior to inspire and guide more successful innovation and product development. More on this approach can be found in his book entitled “Breakthrough Food Product Innovation through Emotions Research.”