Nutritionally Gluten-Free: The New Frontier

Session Track: Health Issues

Date: Wednesday, March 23, 2011, 2:00 p.m. -3:00 p.m.

Session Description:

When gluten-free foods were first introduced, they contained minimal nutrition and had less-than-ideal sensory qualities. Today, consumers expect such products to be on par, in both quality and nutrition, with their gluten-containing counterparts. This expectation has opened the door to a new frontier of ingredients. You will learn how to successfully launch gluten-free foods by using nutritional flours and fibers to create healthy, tasty products. In addition, a review of the gluten-free arena, evolving gluten-free technologies, and gluten-free ingredient solutions will enable you to identify potential new gluten-free product candidates.

Speaker Information:

Alice BastAlice Bast, Founder & President, National Foundation for Celiac Awareness
Alice Bast founded the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA), which drives the diagnosis of celiac disease, improves quality-of-life for children and families adhering to a gluten-free diet, and advances science by facilitating collaborations within the healthcare community. Her personal experience with celiac disease ignited her passion to help the estimated three million Americans suffering from this disease receive a prompt and accurate diagnosis. She is widely regarded as a celiac expert, and her story has been featured in Good Housekeeping, Newsweek, and USA Today. Ms. Bast co-authored the article, "Celiac Disease and Reproductive Health Issues" which was published in the Journal of Practical Gastroenterology.

Jennifer Williams, Application Scientist, Penford Food Ingredients
Jennifer WilliamsJennifer Williams is a food scientist at Penford Food Ingredients. She has worked in many different areas of product development, including protein products, bakery products, soups, sauces, and gravies. She spent the last few years working exclusively on the development of gluten-free functional foods which function as well as gluten-containing products, while at the same time maintain positive taste attributes. Ms. Williams is a Certified Culinary Scientist through the Research Chefs Association.