Health for Better Living with Beans, Pulses, Legumes

Session Track: Health Issues
Date: Wednesday, March 28, 2012; 4:30 – 5:30 p.m.

Session Description:

Beans, pulses, and legumes are a healthy and diverse family of foods and food ingredients with a rich supply of nutrients. Unfortunately, consumers in North America do not include enough of these foods in their diets. This session will cover the sustainable, nutritional, and healthful aspects of beans, pulses, and legumes within view of the 2010 Dietary Guidelines and recent clinical research. It will supply new consumption data for this family of foods and food ingredients using the most recent NHANES databases. To increase the daily consumption of this flexible food family, food application opportunities and marketing approaches with consumers also will be discussed.

Speaker Information:

Tanya Der, M.Sc., Manager, Food Innovation & Marketing, Pulse CanadaTanya Der
Tanya works as Manager of Food Innovation and Marketing in the Pulse and Health Innovation and Commercialization Project with Pulse Canada. Tanya’s role is to oversee the areas of pulse processing, functionality and food development applications through consultations with the scientific research community and food industries leading to the utilization of pulse ingredients in food products. Tanya has worked in quality and product development roles for various food companies manufacturing beverage, dairy, flax and natural health products distributed throughout North America, Asia and the EU. In 2010, Tanya received a M.Sc. from the University of Saskatchewan in the Department of Food and Bioproduct Sciences focusing on the incorporation of pulse ingredients in meat products.

Phillip Perkins, Ph.D., Senior Vice President & Director of Research, Development & Innovation; Bush Brothers & CompanyPhillip Perkins
Dr. Phillip S Perkins is Senior Vice President and Director of Research, Development & Innovation for Bush Brothers & Company. He was born and educated in the United Kingdom, graduating from the University of Exeter with B.Sc. (Hons) in Chemistry in 1980 and a Ph.D. in 1983  His career spans twenty-nine years of working for world-class consumer goods companies, starting at Whitbread PLC (England), moving onto M&M Mars (England), then to Grand Metropolitan/ Diageo/Pillsbury (England and the USA) and now Bush Brothers & Company. Phil is recognized as a successful change agent in leading R&D activities and in bringing new products to market. During his career he has established and managed Pillsbury’s International R&D department, created Pillsbury’s Knowledge Management function and established the Research, Development and Innovation function for Bush Brothers & Company.  

Joanne Slavin, Ph.D., R.D., Professor, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of MinnesotaJoanne Slavin
Joanne L. Slavin, PhD, RD, is a professor in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Minnesota. She teaches hundreds of students yearly in Life Cycle Nutrition and Advanced Human Nutrition. She has presented more than 350 invited scientific lectures around the world on topics including dietary fiber, carbohydrates, whole grains, and the role of diet in disease prevention. Her research has generated more than $5 million dollars in competitive research grants on dietary fiber, whole grains, and the role of carbohydrates in disease prevention. She is the author of more than 150 scientific publications and numerous book chapters  and review articles and has advised 50 graduate students who work in universities, food companies, and health care facilities.