International Comparison of Food-based Dietary Guidelines: The Nutritional Message Across Countries and Cultures

Session Track: Opening Session
Date: Wednesday, March 28, 2012; 9:05 – 9:50 a.m.

Session Description:

Nutrition, and its relationship to health, is increasingly more important worldwide. Food manufacturers face a global marketplace, where success in marketing and distribution is based on understanding the definitions of a healthy diet according to the countries served. This session will describe the food-based dietary guidelines’ systems across a number of different countries. Given that the basic theme of food and nutrition for an overall healthy, well-balanced diet remains notably similar across countries, it is necessary for the food and ingredient industry to understand what makes up a healthy diet worldwide in order to manufacture foods that meet health guidelines.

Speaker Information:

Jim PainterJim Painter, Ph.D., R.D., Director of Nutrition Research, California Raisin Marketing Board
Dr. Jim Painter has worked with the Marriott Corporation, taught at the University of Illinois, and is a Professor and Chair of the School of Family and Consumer Science at Eastern Illinois University. He serves on advisory boards for Paramount Farms Pistachio Health and Disney, and is the Director of Nutrition Research for the California Raisin Marketing Board. Mr. Painter is associated with the Apicius International School of Hospitality in Florence, Italy, and is the recipient of numerous grants focused on changing our eating environment.