Linking Nutrition, Health, and Wellness to Consumer Behavior

Session Track: Consumers, Lifestyles & Demographics
Date: Wednesday, March 28, 2012; 3:20 – 4:20 p.m.

Session Description:

Part I: Consumer Beliefs and Actions
A series of surveys uncovered consumer views on a number of health-related topics and communication vehicles, including the Nutrition Facts Table, the Food Pyramid and MyPlate, and healthy eating logos found on foods. Based on these reports, this session will address the information consumers use to make healthy food choices, how consumers make their food decisions in the grocery store, and the differences for generation Y, boomers, seniors, and families.

Part II: Product Trends in “Healthier” Foods
This session will cover the top 10 global food and beverage trends, and the consumer needs that drive these trends. Learn about the ingredients used globally to meet demands for reduced salt and clean labels; categories that are strong in the health and wellness area, including those that offer opportunities for growth; and the consumer groups that are being targeted. You will also explore an analysis of global fortified products from a product positioning, product marketing, and creating an “un-processed appeal” through front-of-package labeling perspective.

Speaker Information:

Kathy Hopkinson, M.S., Consumer Research Manager, ACCEKathy Hopkinson
Kathy Hopkinson, ACCE Kathy holds an honours degree from the University of Western Ontario’s Nutrition Program and a graduate science degree from the University of Guelph’s Marketing Management program, with a specialty in Food Marketing. Since 1995, Kathy has worked in the consumer packaged goods sector – foods, beverages, household products and apparel. She has experience within all aspects of consumer research on food and beverage products. Before joining the ACCE team, Kathy held a consumer insights position for an international confectionery manufacturer. Kathy’s goal for the clients and the team at ACCE is to take a proactive approach to nutrition and healthy living.

Lu Ann Williams, M.B.A., Head of Research, Innova Market InsightsLu Ann Williams
Lu Ann Williams started her career in The Netherlands twenty years ago with Wolters Kluwer before becoming Leading Science Publisher for Elsevier. For the past fifteen years, she has been involved in the international food industry, where she partners with the world's largest food and beverage companies on product development and marketing strategies, trends analysis, open innovation projects, and technology scouting. Ms. Williams also oversees the content for the "Taste the Trend" Pavilion at the IFT Food Expo®.