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Nomination Rules

Rules for All IFT Achievement Awards

  1. A Nominee must be an IFT member in good standing (dues paid) for award year. IFT membership is recommended but not required for the Industrial Achievement Award, Marcel Loncin Research Prize and the Gil Leveille Award.
  2. The nominee must not have received another IFT Achievement Award (but may have been elected an IFT Fellow or received the Marcel Loncin Research Prize) within the previous three years.
  3. An individual is not allowed to win the same award or prize more than once.
  4. Any non-student IFT member can make a nomination with four exceptions.
    (1) Nominations or letters may not come from a juror serving on the same jury.
    (2) A person cannot self-nominate
    (3) A person may nominate their own company for the Industrial Achievement Award.
    (4) Student members can nominate for the Cruess Award.
  5. The nomination and any supporting material must be submitted together and be received by IFT no later than January 15.
  6. All IFT Achievement Awards require one reference letter from someone other than the nominator, who is personally and professionally acquainted with the nominee. The letter should state why the nominee deserves to win the award based on the person’s professional knowledge of the nominee and be submitted on their own letterhead. The reference letter must be submitted at the same time of the nomination.
  7. The nomination is handled in confidence. The identity of the awards jury members is confidential.
  8. Unsuccessful nominations may be resubmitted with updated nomination form.
  9. All material in excess of specified page limits will not be given to the jury. Letters of support from Sections and Divisions are included in these limits.
  10. In any year in which none of the nominees meet the criteria, an award may not be presented.
  11. When two or more people nominate the same person for the same award, the nominators will be contacted and asked to combine their nominations and submit a single nomination to the jury. If there is not enough time to do this, the first nomination received will be sent to the jury for consideration.
  12. For additional eligibility criteria please refer to the specific award details on ift.org
Required Reading

Nomination Statement Requirements:

  • Not to exceed four typed pages
  • Include educational background, professional affiliations, honors, and appointments of nominee
  • List offices held (IFT, section, division) and dates; committees served on (IFT, section, division) and dates; and other IFT activities
  • Explain why this individual should receive this award (refer to the “Eligibility” section in the award description as shown below)

Rules, Policy & Juries