Feeding the World, Caring for the Earth: World Food Day 2014 Join us as we honor World Food Day and the contributions of food science

Throughout history, advances in food science and technology have played a critical role in meeting the needs of our evolving society. As a result, we now have much greater global access to an abundant, diverse food supply that is largely safe, flavorful, nutritious, convenient, and less costly than ever before.

However, we still have much work to do.

This year, World Food Day focuses on family farming, the important role farmers play in helping feed our growing population, and the ways in which we can help them improve productivity, reduce food loss, and take better care of our earth.

Over the past several decades, food scientists have been on the vanguard of developing sustainable solutions that improve crop yields, reduce post-harvest losses, and ensure that safe, nutritious food can get to people who need it. In spite of these advances, almost one billion people still go hungry every day.

How can you help?

Help raise awareness of world hunger – and the innovative new solutions that are being developed by scientists around the world to address it – with everyone you know. Share the stories below from our FutureFood 2050 website with your personal and professional networks, and celebrate the critical contributions that food science…and food scientists…are making to help ensure a safe and abundant food supply for people everywhere.


Watch an interactive video infographic on food waste

Ms Swaminathan

Read this article on M.S. Swaminathan on sustainable agriculture

 Kofi Annan

Learn about food security in Africa

Sea Change for Aquaculture

Listen to National Geographic Oceanographer Sylvia Earle share aquaculture solutions

Root Pulling

Learn how reinvestment in Africa creates a sustainable business model for the future

Lab Meat

Gain insights on the latest insights on meat alternatives

Rice  Field

Read an interview on creating greater abundance of crops to feed a booming population

 Woman in Field

Learn about the important role of women in combatting world hunger

Additional Resources

Header Hero

FutureFood 2050
FutureFood 2050 is an exciting IFT publishing initiative that features the stories of scientists, prominent figures, influencers, and personalities in both the food world and beyond, and how these individuals are making important contributions to feeding our growing global population. These interviews form the foundation of a documentary film, already underway, that will showcase future food challenges and the innovations ahead, telling the story of how food science and technology will provide solutions throughout our food system to feed the world sustainably by 2050. Visit FutureFood2050.com to learn more and read the latest stories.

World Without Food Science

World Without Food Science Video Button
This public education video campaign created by IFT shows what the world would be like without food science and explains the role that food science plays in ensuring a nutritious, safe and abundant food supply. What would a trip to the grocery store would be like without the benefits of food science and technology? How does food science and technology provide sustainable solutions throughout the food system? How would access to safe and nutritious foods be affected as the world's population continues to rise?

Food Facts

Food Facts: Practical Food Tips for Consumers
From tips on food storage and shelf life, to food safety in the produce aisle, to an explanation of why food are irradiated, Food Facts provides concise, useful information to help consumers make smarter, safer choices about their food.

Food Packaging Video

Day in the Life of a Food Scientist Video Button
What is it really like to be a food scientist? What do food scientists do each day? What kinds of things do they think about? Learn more about what it’s like to be a food scientist from the people who do it every day.

IFT K-12 Resources

IFT K-12 Resources
Resources for teachers looking for class materials or for students interested in looking behind the scenes at how food is developed and processed. Includes videos, experiments and lesson planning.

FAO World Food Day

On October 16, IFT, along with organizations around the world, will celebrate World Food Day. An annual campaign commemorating the 1945 founding of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), World Food Day helps promote increased understanding of hunger issues and the need for global access to nutritious food.